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NBA 2K19 is one of the most popular sports games. This is NBA 2K19 beat ranking records of being in the rankings of PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games as well as mobile games. NBA 2K19 on the App Store (iPhone, iPad) ranked second in the sports games category. Despite the fact that the game is paid, its popularity is still very impressive.

  1. How to Earn NBA 2K19 VC Currency and Items
  2. How to use NBA 2K19 VC Method
  3. Free 30,000 NBA 2K19 VC

NBA 2K19 – How to Earn Currency and Items

Earning in NBA 2K19 is very important. If you have a steady income of Virtual Currency, your team is growing and achieving goals. That’s why every player is looking for methods to earn in the NBA 2K19 game. You can earn in the game by trading player cards, buy for real cash in the game, however, the purchase price of VC in NBA 2K19 is too expensive and buying NBA 2K19 VC is not a one-time payment. You can use the second method offered by GameItems.

NBA2K19 Free VC 2019 Balance - How to get NBA 2K19 Free VC and Cards

This second method will bring you the most profits because you pay nothing and don’t waste your time, and the VC in the NBA 2K19 game will get you instantly. On the GameItems website you have the option of earning Virtual Currency NBA 2K19. This NBA 2K19 Glitch allows you earn by Playing games, installing apps and completing ad offers. Check out this method to get the NBA 2K19 VC below

How to use NBA 2K19 VC and Cards method


  1. Click the button “EARN NBA 2K19 VC & CARDS”
  2. Enter account username/device and select amount of Virtual Currency (VC) and Player Cards or other NBA 2K19 Items.
  3. Confirm completing 2 tasks: Installing Apps, Playing Games or Completing Ad Offers ONLY 2 TASKS
  4. Receive NBA 2K19 currency and cards, items in game


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