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I think you will agree that Brawl Stars today is one of the most popular mobile games. This available on iOS and Android game conquers all popularity rankings. Many Brawl Stars players are looking for methods and guides to stand out from other players. Improving your brawlers in powerful skills, getting skins and improving the team to be the best is very difficult in the Brawl Stars game.

  1. Earning in Brawl Stars game
  2. How to use Brawl Stars method
  3. Free 30,000 Brawl Stars Currency

The possibilities in the game are very limited and require the purchase of the Brawl Stars currency, i.e. Gems and Coins, however, buying currency in the game or from sellers is very expensive.
What is interesting, earning in the Brawl Stars game is possible, alternative method allow you to get more profits on gems and coins every day.


Brawl Stars Free Gems and Coins Balance 2019 - How to get Unlimited Coins and Gems in Brawl Stars Mobile Game

How to get Gems and Coins in Brawl Stars? The best method for earning Brawl Stars Gems and Coins

Earning the Brawl Stars currency ie Gems and Coins does not require much effort.
This is a method that will allow you to expand your brawlers and improve the quality of the game so that you can compete with the best players.

How does the earning method work in Brawl Stars?

On the GameItems website you have the option of earning currency to Brawl Stars.
Playing games, installing apps and completing advertising offers, you earn the currency for the Brawl Stars game instantly, that’s why you get your Brawl Stars Gems and Coins immediately after completing the tasks.

How to use the method to get Gems and Coins to Brawl Stars


  1. Click the button “EARN BRAWL STARS GEMS AND COINS”
  2. Enter account username/device and select amount of Gems and Coins
  3. Confirm completing 2 tasks: Installing Apps, Playing Games or Completing Advertise Offers ONLY 2 TASKS
  4. Receive Brawl Stars currency in game


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